•   2 months ago

free trial developers account from previous challenge

I registered for the previous challenge, creating a free trial account, and submitting the builders challenge form to get developer access.

Should I submit the builders challenge form for this second challenge too (specifying my existing monday account URL), and will this cause the trial period to be extended to the end of this challenge? (I currently have 33 days left.)

By the way, time issues meant I wasn't able to submit an entry to the contest last time. I was hoping there might be another one some time, but I wasn't expecting it to be quite so soon!



  • Manager   •   2 months ago

    Hey Colin,
    Great to see you joining this new challenge! It is a new form, so try filling it out. If any issues arise let me know.

  •   •   2 months ago

    Thanks Michelle. OK, I've done that.

    As I mentioned, I've still got 33 days before the existing trial runs out, so there is no immediate issue. I imagine there must be a number of people in a similar situation...

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