•   2 months ago

Free access not given.

I filled out the free access form a couple of days ago, but I still don't have access to the developers account can you please check?


  •   •   2 months ago

    Also, please let me know if I missed something

  • Manager   •   2 months ago

    Hi Dhhyey, if you signed up to the system and then registered your account for a dev account you should be all set. The process takes a 14-day trial monday.com account and we turn it into a dev access account. Let me know if that helps!

  •   •   about 2 months ago

    hi matthew i believe i've also requested for a dev account a few days ago but per checking my account is still due to expire this oct 1st. my instance is on https://zell-global.monday.com/, would you be able to check?

  • Manager   •   about 2 months ago

    Hi Russel, looks like there is a 2 day turnaround on submissions, and yours was taken care of already so you're in! Since the initial account is a 14 day trial, we have to do these manually but we will have an automated solution soon. Let me know if you have anything else we can help with!

  •   •   about 2 months ago

    Thanks for the update Matthew! Appreciate it!

  •   •   about 1 month ago

    Hi Matthew,
    Can we request to extend developer trial until after the event ends? Mine ends next week. I'm almost finished with my first project, except for the recording which I haven't started yet. But Im looking to build another idea for submission. I'm only able to work on these projects during weekends, since I have to juggle between work-related tasks during weekdays, so I'd appreciate if you can extend our access even just a few days before the submission deadline. Thanks!

  • Manager   •   about 1 month ago

    Hey Russel, can you refresh for me? It should show it has been extended - and will show it switched to our new developer ecosystem soon. You can sign up for a developer account now or we will switch it over automatically soon!

  •   •   25 days ago

    Hi Matthew, Per checking it's still set to expire this November 1. My instance URL is https://zell-global.monday.com/

  • Manager   •   24 days ago

    Hey Russel, thanks for sharing. I see you in the system as still having 3 months on the account. I'll reset it again - let me know if it is still showing November 1st.

  •   •   24 days ago

    Hi Matthew,
    Thanks. Sorry I was looking at the account usage which still shows Nov 1, 2020. But after clicking on the upgrade there's a header that says 'There's 90 days left on your free trial' so I guess it will still be active after Nov 1st

  • Manager   •   18 days ago

    Great! Let me know if you have any other questions!

  •   •   14 days ago

    Hi Matthew Burns, I joined the contest a few days ago. How can I sign up only for a dev account?

  • Manager   •   14 days ago

    Hi Victory, here's the link: https://auth.monday.com/users/sign_up_new?developer=true

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