•   about 2 months ago

Tunnel expired error

I m getting this error, how should I proceed

"Anybody can use ngrok without an account, but there are limits on how long tunnels can stay open and how much bandwidth they can process. Sign up for a free account so your tunnel don't time out and also get more bandwidth, http basic auth, tcp tunnels, custom subdomains and more.

The error encountered was: ERR_NGROK_708"


  •   •   about 2 months ago

    Hey Chandan! Our quickstart tutorial uses ngrok to set up your dev environment. To restart your app all you need to do is run "npm run start" from the command line in your app's folder.

    To learn more about what scripts are called when you run this, check out the package.json file.

    Ngrok docs: https://ngrok.com/

  •   •   about 2 months ago


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