•   4 months ago

14 days trial expired


I had requested for a developer account and after 14 days of free trial the app is asking me to either pay or switch to read only mode. Kindly help.


  • Manager   •   4 months ago

    Hi Neeti, if you'd like to keep your current account please share the youraccountname.monday.com with me here so I can check on it. We recently transitioned to a developer account system which you can sign up for here that automatically makes your account a developer account: https://auth.monday.com/users/sign_up_new?developer=true

  •   •   4 months ago

    Hi Matthew

    I did sign up to the link that automatically creates a developer account but for some reason after clicking 'Create feature' and selecting one of the features there is no button at the bottom right to proceed. I did not see this glitch with the previous account.

  • Manager   •   4 months ago

    Interesting! Could you share a screen recording of the issue, or the domain URL if it lets you fully sign up?

  •   •   4 months ago

    Hi Matthaw,

    Could you please check my account? My trial has just expired: kkocsis.monday.com


  • Manager   •   4 months ago

    Hi Krisztian, you should be good to go. Apologies for missing it - we're still working on transitioning the contest accounts into full developer accounts. Let me know if you run into any additional trouble!

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