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Time Extension Please

Hi Moderators, Please can you extend the hackathon time period for like more 7 days. We are begging you please.

we are currently teams of 8 members of heavily interllectual Computer Science Students. We divided our-selves into 2 equal parts as we are working on 2 new/novel applications for teams as outlined in the hackathon overview. Our application is novel and has not be seen anywhere

Please only the Hackathon Moderators should reply . Thanks


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  • Manager   •   about 3 years ago

    Hi team, please copy the following email to support@monday.com for the quickest answer. You can also post the information needed here and one of our team will get to it ASAP!

    "Hi monday.com team, I'm working on my app for the monday.com Apps Contest and my account is still getting switched to developer status. My domain is insertaccountname.monday.com and I need time added to my trial. Thanks for your help!"

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