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Updating app during judging period?

I'm looking to turn my app into a commercial product, should I hold off on updating the app until after the judging period, or can I continue to make updates to it?


  • Manager   •   almost 3 years ago

    Hi Noah, you can definitely continue to make updates - it will show us that and we are looking for ongoing support to have commercial products on our marketplace. Let us know if we can help at all!

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    Hey Matthew,

    Could you clarify how that should be managed with regard to what version of an app is under test? I used Monday's 'publish' mechanism to make mine available, putting the resulting installation link in my submission. I had assumed that this represented a snapshot of the project that should not (or could not) be modified after the deadline.

    Also, the rules seemed to say that updates would require exceptional circumstances -

    [... (ii) Modifications after the Submission Period. The Poster may permit you to modify part of your Submission after the Submission Period for the purpose of removing material that potentially infringes a third party mark or right, discloses personally identifiable information, or is otherwise inappropriate. The modified Submission must remain substantively the same as the original Submission with the only modification being what the Poster permits. ...]

    Should updates be somehow directed at a different instance of the project (i.e. different to the published one that is under test)?

    I'm currently working on some supporting material that might help with the testing, and can foresee that this might also lead me to want to make one or two tweaks to the code if that were possible.

    I was thinking of using the 'updates' feature on my submission page to link to any supporting material I create, would that definitely be seen by the testers?

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    Hi Matthew, we are also very interested in this ... we made quite a bit of an update already in regards to what we show in the video. Unfortunately we weren't able to show it in the video.

  • Manager   •   almost 3 years ago

    Hi all, great questions and feedback. Yes, the updates feature is a great way to keep the judges in the loop. While for judging purposes we look at what was submitted, the goal here is definitely about long time viability and usefulness for your application. What can and will happen in the future is considered and viewed, and just like our product is always iterating and improving we hope yours is also. We look at the whole picture when judging by our criteria. Hope that helps!

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    Thanks Matthew,

    I've just posted my 1st update, with a link to a resource that should help a little with the testing.

    But I'm still a little unclear about what procedure I should follow regarding modifying the app itself. Obviously I can iterate changes in my personal test environment, but what happens if I upload a new build -

    a) Does it automatically update for all current installations?
    b) If not, do new installations (using the existing oauth link) pick up the changed version?
    c) If not, is there a repeat of the 'publish' step that is required, and what effect does this have on current installations?

    I want to make sure I do the right thing; both in terms of following the rules, and making sure I understand how the app-publishing workflow operates.


  • Manager   •   almost 3 years ago

    Hi Collin, we don't support versioning at the moment (we are actively working on it). Any change you will do will reflect directly to all of your users

  •   •   almost 3 years ago

    Hi Ben,

    So is it currently permissible to make such changes to apps which the 'Try it out' contest submission points to. That's what I took Noah's original question to be asking.

    The schedule shows the judging period ending on December 09 at 12:00am EST, and the winners announced on December 16 at 2:00pm EST. Should people hold off from making changes to the published app (unless pre-agreed) prior to either one of those dates?

    The analytics on my published contest app show that mine is currently the only install to have been made. So, in principle, it looks like I could put in a modification without it affecting anybody. Is it OK for me to do so? (I have a small change in the works that will make the app much more usable.)

  •   •   almost 3 years ago

    I just uploaded my modified build.

    From a technical standpoint, it looks like all is well. The new build is listed as 'live', and there is an active 'publish' link next to the previous build, implying it would be possible to revert?

    My installation picks up the change, and I assume the published oauth link would too, for new installations?

    I hope it was OK for me top do this.

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